A Decentraland Property NFT 3D is 0.5 Ether ( priced in matic )

You can collect them and resell them on www.opensea.io If you own land on http://www.Decentraland.org , you can place this property, and like in the Metaverse, you can live in it and interact with it on Decentraland and other Virtual worlds that allow you to install our NFTs


The pre-sale starts 7th of December so register and the minting is live on Friday the 10th of December 2021


15% paid to Decentraland Property and 85% to the property owner

You can buy virtual land on www.decentraland.org or The Sandbox Game – User-Generated Crypto & Blockchain Games And many other virtual worlds

We suggest you use either
1) https://metamask.io
2) www.trustwallet.com
they support NFTs

Decentraland property are not related to Decentraland.org, we are 3D property builders who specialise in 3D property development, NFT and crypto projects